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Ring Head Or Shank Replacement
The head of your ring that holds the center stone, is the most attractive part of your ring. Since it extends slightly above the ring to hold the center stone & hence protrudes out from the finger, making it more prone to wear and tear. It might become dented, may have broken or worn off prongs, dull & faded color or other damage that might end up losing your prescious stone. Such damage can be prevented by getting your ring head repaired or replaced if required! Visit our store in Stevensville, MD or Contact us to get your ring head replaced.

Since your beloved rings are always on your hand they come in contact with multiple things which might effect the quality of your shank. Shanks suffer a lot damages like dullness, wearing off of its coating, color change, denting or even thining out. Shank hold the head - the center stone & hence acts like the foundation. Replacing a damaged shank will not only give your ring a new life but also expand its life span. Have a damaged Shank? Meet our experts today.
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